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WebFinger, OAuth and Freebusy lookups

One of the more frustrating aspects of calendaring systems is that the freebusy lookups are all proprietary.  Meeting invitations can be sent from one system to another (assuming you know a time to meet).  However, it is not possible to lookup when someone from Lotuslive, someone from gmail and someone from Yahoo are all available […]

Opensocial and OAuth specs

The REST api for opensocial makes its appearance in opensocial 0.8. The specification references some other specifications that are also worth a look. OAuth Consumer Request – This is proposed as the means for server to server authentication between the Consumer site and the Service provider. It has the potential to replace basic auth over […]

Atom Publishing Protocol – not enough for blogs?

Roy Fielding: It is only when we talk about specific applications of AtomPP, such as an authoring interface to a corporate blog, that we can say anything about the anticipated state change on the server. SUCH INFORMATION DOES NOT NEED TO BE IN THE PROTOCOL SPECIFICATION. Is that clear? Maybe someone needs to write an […]

CalAtom – draft

So here is the first rough draft of the CalAtom spec. We’ve made a few changes since the earlier posts on CalAtom, probably the biggest is the fact that CalAtom clients and servers MUST support xcal representations of calendar data. I expect this to change a fair bit before formally posting the spec (I, at […]

Abdera – Turbo

So James pretty much single-handedly wrote abdera (now apache’s atom parser).  The one contribution I can probably claim is a performance turbo boost. The turbo comes from the fact that it is often the case that only part of the atom feed is actually used by a program. If you need all of the feed […]

Sorting and Filtering in Atom – CardAtom

So CalAtom can get kind of complicated when it comes to querying, so before tackling the querying in that properly (I think what we have proposed to date needs a lot more work) I wanted to first see if the querying / sorting required for CardAtom could be accomplished. CardAtom would be an attempt to […]

CalAtom – Presentation

I have published the CalAtom presentation that was presented at CalConnect.  I am still not that happy with searching, but following a chat with James, I now think that A9’s Opensearch may provide some of the missing pieces.


Updated May 17th: I posted some of the issues that I had to the ATOM working group.  Their advice, as ever, was very useful.  I have updated the post to contain their recommendations and so no longer require content negotiation. Updated, May 12th: In recent discussions it has been pointed out to me that I […]

Customizing the Atom Publishing Protocol

So google has released the first mainstream implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) for something other than blogging, Google’s new Calendar API is APP based. The question that everybody is now asking is “did they do it right?”. Joe seems to think so, his main criticism seems to be about their security model, Elias […]