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As a follow up to the Freebusy Lookup posting I wanted to point out a demo that Dan Gurney has put together on top of Domino.  This approach to free busy is similar to the one outlined in the Freebusy Lookup post.  Here are the details for how to get yourself setup with a Calendar and the try out the freebusy lookups. Feedback is very very welcome. 

Please note that the demo server will only be available for the next few weeks,

From Dan…..

Good news!

IBM will be hosting a "Freetime" servlet running on a Domino server. You’ll be able to create your own mail files and create/update/remove calendar entries.

You can create your own demo account at any time.

To create a demo account:
1. Go to
2. Click the menu: Lotus – Live Demos
3. Click the link: Lotus Domino Web Access
4. Go thru the legal stuff, give your account a user name and password, and voila … you will have a Domino mail file. Domino Web Access is (hopefully) a straight forward web application that allows you full control over your mail database and its contents.

I have a demo account that you can schedule meetings with. I’ll set the account to auto-respond to all requests:

Once you have your account, you can then get free-time information via a <free-busy-request/> POST (there is currently no way for Domino to enable the "REPORT" verb) or a simple GET request.

Here is the URL for any account on this test server for POST or GET:<email>

where <email> is your RFC-821 email address. For instance, my demo account can be reached like this:

You can pass dates as optional parameters for a GET request:

Start-min and start-max are ISO-8601 dates. You can use partial or full ISO-8601 dates (I am showing my age here … there is probably another name for the CalDAV date format now).

Set the "ACCEPT" header to "text/icalendar" if you wish to receive iCalendar instead of xCalendar.

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