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My day job at the moment is as part of a small team working on the blogs component of Lotus Connections and given that we just announced all this at Lotusphere I guess it’s ok to spill some of the details.

We’re making no secret of the fact that the core engine we’re using is Roller, and it has proven very easy to work with and enhance.  We are adding a bunch of new features and spending a lot of time getting it to really scale.  Over the past few months, Elias has added tagging, James has a new improved Atom Publishing Protocol stack based on Abdera and we’ve also written a new persistence layer, changed to container managed security, added MBean support, full LDAP support, Dojo Editor and many other tweaks along the way, including the spiffy new UI that you can see below.

The best part about all this is that IBM is allowing us to contribute all these changes (except the UI) back to the roller core.  Unfortunately the legal process for clearance is taking its time but I hope that by the end of Feb we’ll be able to donate as much code as the roller community is willing to take.


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