C# more popular than Java?

O’Reilly recently published this chart detailing trends in the computer book market.

Javascript is showing some pretty stellar growth, but Tim also has this to say “The net-net is that C# has definitely passed Java in the book market.

I wonder if mono is helping drive that demand. The “.net for Unix” is already used by wikipedia for its searches (see here), is shortly to be embedded in second life and runs the mp3 player that won best in show at this year’s CES.

Unlike Java, mono code can be compiled ahead of time and more importantly mono has been designed to allow multiple programs running on the same machine to actually share memory. Kinda radical (for anyone familiar with Java), but yet, somehow, so reassuringly familiar.

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  1. Evans Data Cases Programming Language Popularity – Published: December 14, 2006 – by Timothy Prickett Morgan

    According to the latest North American programmer survey, which is based on a poll of 430 developers, Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic.NET language is taking a serious beating in the development cubicles of the United States and Canada.

    Statistics and Google share an attribute.

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