Atom Publishing Protocol – not enough for blogs?

Roy Fielding: It is only when we talk about specific applications of AtomPP, such as an authoring interface to a corporate blog, that we can say anything about the anticipated state change on the server. SUCH INFORMATION DOES NOT NEED TO BE IN THE PROTOCOL SPECIFICATION.

Is that clear? Maybe someone needs to write an application guide for transparent authoring via Atom

Maybe someone should. I’ve asked.

The Atom Publishing Protocols flexibility is its real strength, but it seems like an omission if the working group declares victory without producing an additional specification / guide that actually allows blogging clients to be interoperable with blogging servers. Wasn’t that the point?

5 thoughts on “Atom Publishing Protocol – not enough for blogs?”

  1. Isn’t this almost -embarrassing-? Protocols are APis. Heck, they’re -more- than APIs. Who would use POSIX without knowing the -semantics- — the effects — of each POSIX “utterance”?

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